Updated Site, Fixed Broken Links

Picture of a broken chain


It didn’t exist when I put this site up about 8 years ago, but there is now a plugin for the WordPress blog software that automatically detects broken links, missing pictures and missing videos.

After all of those years I had about 169 broken things to fix.


It was enjoyable. I ended up looking at blog posts I have long forgotten about. I got see comments from people in the past who passed on through and I even gained some inspiration from reading posts I made about past interests I’ve drifted away from.

I found one post I made after experiencing the death of two friends ( cancer ) I made YEARS ago. I wasn’t impacted nearly as hard back then as I was by the recent deaths ( also cancer ) this past year, including a friend of mine who had commented on that post back then. Will Ross, you will be missed, but missed with happy memories.

It was also nice reading comments from a “coffe klatch” that used to hang out here when I started the blog. I met those people in real life as well as the Internet. Nice times, nice memories.

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