Changing habits

No…, not changing THOSE habits, changing “habits” as in behavior patterns!

This post is inspired by a blog entry I read here which was inspired by this entry on

5 Question To Ask To Change A Habit ( repeatedly, if necessary )

1. What will you do instead?

2. Do you really want to change?

3. Is now the right time? Why not? Can you do it anyway?

4. What is in it for you?

5. What is in it for you to NOT change?
– what are you getting out of the old habit?

  • “Does eating when you are not hungry distract you from loneliness, boredom?”
  • “Does procrastinating give you a sense of excitement other wise absent?”
  • “Does your habit help you avoid doing something you are afraid of?”

Keep focused on the positive. That will help let a new way of behaving sink down into parts of your mind which do not understand negation. Focus on what you will get by changing, and what good stuff you can do in place of your habit.

Just in time for New Years!

Thanks Marco, Krista!

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