Adventures in cooking part 1

This weekend I decided to take an adventure in cooking and try some things I normally wouldn’t cook. I tried 3 recipes out of this vegan recipe booklet:

You can also read these recipes for free at

First I tried making these pancakes:

The last time I tried to make pancakes was when I was in high school. I got a gloppy mess that burned onto the pan. Same thing happened this time. I need to get an iron skiddle and practice. The batter tasted great and was cheap to make.

Next, I made this tofu scramble, which I loved. I still have about half left and that will be my next meal:

Lastly, I made this mint chocolate cake.

I was surprised how tasty the batter was. It was just flour, sugar, cocoa and oil. It only took 25 minutes to bake and left very little to clean up. I haven’t tried baking since I was a teenager. So, if I can make this anyone can. I gave some to my neighbours who loved it and I am sure my co-workers will make short work out of it tomorrow. I had a big piece myself and I am glad I am getting it out of my refrigerator tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

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30 thoughts on “Adventures in cooking part 1”

  1. Yeah, in order to make pancakes correctly you need a well seasoned heavy bottomed iron skillet, or an (evil) Teflon pan.

    You’re just wasting time and money and falsely getting your hopes up if you do it any other way…

    Or you could put a TON of oil at the bottom….but then you’d have fried dough and not pancakes…


  2. I find with pancakes it’s actually about how hot the pan is and the type of oil you use, though a seasoned skillet helps. I use canola oil and do the water drop test (I fling a drop of cold water and if I hear a terrible snapping sizzling noise I know it’s ready). Then as I cook them I turn down the heat a little because it’s a fine line between hot enough and charred pancakes… So yeah, it’s easier to just eat toast.

  3. i wish i still had an iron skillet =/ some asshole back when decided to cook chicken in it, and there was no way i was using that again. i could make the most awesome pancakes with it.

    i’ll have to try to make pancakes if y6ou visit ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I had something like that happen to me in college. I was in one of those shared living situations with housemates who were strangers before they were housemates. They felt like they didn’t need my permission to borrow my cookware or food storage things.

  5. Oh the post carbon folks are talking in my head again: “Do you have any idea how much energy goes into making cookware?!?!”

    Anyhoos, you should have sandblasted the pan or somethings. Restored it to brand new. They really don’t make em like they used to. The best cast iron skillets are found in thrift stores. In their previous lives they unfortunately cooked meat.

    Just sandblast it, soap the shit out of it, season it and use it.

    Do you have any idea how much chicken poop I breath in every day that’s beyond my control*? Way more than the scant molecular traces of dead meat you’ll be left with with the above method.

    *We just figured out (completely by accident) where the Purdue “processing” plant was in our town yesterday. Ah Ha! So that’s where the stench is emanating from that “perfumes” the entire city….

    I could smell it in my clothes when we got home…


  6. i didn’t throw the pan out, i just let the other person keep it.

    i’ve been having a hard time finding another one =/

    ditto on what BW said.

  7. What? And breathe in city smog? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I told you guys before that we’re not staying here more than 3 years, right? In the mean times, I’m trying to map out the “shittiest” parts to avoid them…

    And Ithaca was a nice break…

    Dag, never ever ever give a meat eating asshole turd who fucks up your shit a free gift.


  8. well, i was dating him at the time… dumped him soon after because of that & other things….


  9. Hey PW, come teach in my area. We have a ton-o-universities and vegan friendly amenities.

    I went to a meetup by someone who used to read VP before it got nasty. She told me that Buzzard moved to my area and forwarded an invitation from me to come check out this blog.

    If you move to the area, when Dag comes up, we can have a big Ol’ VP community

  10. YESH. Perhaps one day I’ll move around there… depending on how things end up… Bri might apply to law school there too..

  11. I don’t know about that… I don’t get tired of awesome things easily ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m up for moving anywhere once I graduate (ideally, not in NC)… if B& me are still together, then where we move depends on whether or not he goes to law school somewhere else…

  12. BW said:
    “Hey PW, come teach in my area. We have a ton-o-universities and vegan friendly amenities.”

    That’s one of the options that will be on the table a couple of years from now. It’s on the top of my list, and isn’t on the bottom of Harel’s….

    I guess I’m just going to have to find some way to persuade him more between now and then…. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  13. PW, where are you and Harrel with your careers?

    Are he and you going through a “paying your dues” time by teaching on the Eastern Shore? After you two do your time there will you have more of your choice of schools to pick from? Is that it?

    If so, the DC area has a number of very good schools, medium schools, and crappy schools. At least a few out of each to fit the level of opportunity you want to shoot for.

    Not only will both of you get academic camaraderie, but you will have social opportunities for other areas of your life. The DC area is home to several vegan, vegetarian, and animal protection groups as well as many activists.

    We also have MANY political groups along with the expected concomitant opportunities.

    Aside from the ton of vegan restaurants and shopping, we also have some of the best shopping for other things outside of New York City.

    We have the Malls, the metro, and one of the best, as well free museum systems in the country.

    As a metropolitan area goes DC has all of the things as well as the level of sophistication that other areas do, but cheaper and with a lot less pollution.

  14. Well, Harel’s going to retire soon and I just began my career. He’s not going to stop working, just going to slow down and do some activism & some teaching. He lives on way less than half of what he makes so he gets to retire super early…

    I’m thinking starting my own Veganic Permaculture CSA once I’m outta student loan debt (there is no way I’d let Harel pay my debts). (In letters it’s a VP-CSA…) And I was thinking about doing in on the mainland near an IC we know which is near B-more…(or at the IC if they’d go for it). And I’m figuring I can establish my teaching career near there too.

    IC=Intentional Community (i.e. hippie commune…sort of)


    PS: Super duper awesome get togethers with vegan chocolate cake on top!

  15. Than other cities with similar economic, cultural, and social opportunities.
    Cheaper than Manhattan, London, Tokyo, etc.

    Welcome to the blog Buzzard!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. PW;

    The Maryland main land has a large veg*n community, a number of farmers markets, and a number of co-ops/markets that buy local which would enthusiastically buy from/support a veganic permaculture CSA.

    When did Harrel start working? If he wants to live cheaply, outside of Boston or NYC the DC metro area is perhaps the easiest to survive in without a car or reduced driving.

  17. I dunno about that… spending a week in NYC and seeing the sites cost me & B over $1k (without a hotel room- we commuted in)… whereas a week in DC, doing the same things that make nyc fun, costs about 200-300 (and most of that is buying tons of food at sticky fingers, pangea, etc to bring home),

  18. One, I thought we were talking about the cost of living in a place, which doesn’t necessarily correlate with the cost of going there on vacation.

    Two, I specifically said I have no experience living in NYC.

    Three, it’s entirely possible that the sort of things I do for fun and the sort of things you do for fun may have very different costs.

  19. He’s been working since his teens–and saving all that time too. I think Dag could be in the same boat as him 20 years from now if she plays her cards right…

    As far as the metro goes, it depends on how close you live to DC…. And we want to live somewhat far away from the noise/craziness of a major city…so we’d probably be within a 50 mile radius…(as opposed to our current 120 mi apart)…

    We just have to make sure there’s no chicken farms…


  20. i hope i can be in harel’s position… gotta see whether or not my 2 extra degrees will wipe me out =/ i’ve been considering using the degree i’ll get this year to get a job with the city & work to pay for school that way. or i could always work more hours at the shoe store….

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