Student’s Go Vegan Cookbook

I haven’t read this book.

I have read an earlier book by the same author: “Student’s Vegetarian Cookbook” by Carole Raymond which I thought was great. Almost all of the recipes were vegan and those that were not were easily made so ( i.e. swap out yogurt for soy yogurt ). Many books claim to be about quick or cheap recipes, but this book really delivered on inexpensive and easy recipes. It was also well suited to students as it had information helpful to people cooking for the first time in their lives.

Well it looks like she listened to my plea……or those of many others, to make her book 100% vegan:

Student’s Go Vegan Cookbook: 125 Quick, Easy, Cheap, And Tasty Vegan Recipes

The link above will help you find the cheapest copy. Click this link to read more about the book on Amazon:

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One thought on “Student’s Go Vegan Cookbook”

  1. i might try and get a copy… for the past few weeks we haven’t been eating very cheaply (got a little too excited with new jobs…)

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