Lost got lost.

Lost: Picture of Sawyer and Juliet

After 6 seasons “Lost” came to an end the other night in a series finale.

I thought the acting was incredible. Jack laughing with joy, exhaustion, and pain at the end. Hurley begging Jack not to go to his death. Ben, voluntarily opting out of everyone’s happy ending. The best of course, was Sawyer and Juliet’s reunion.

I was happy to see this. It is rare to see a romance in popular entertainment develop in a way that feels believable. The actors who played Sawyer and Juliet did just that. I always liked Sawyer. How could you not like a rouge confidence man who would rather do nothing else with his free time than sit down and read? The way his character evolved during the series was incredible. All of it made me enjoy the scene in the hospital where they finally get their coffee date that much more.

So, the finale sucked

The producers dropped the ball. Some stories end better with some mystery intact and I was hoping for that with Lost. That isn’t what happened. The producers just dropped massive elements of the story on the floor and walked away. I agree with a friend of mine who said that finale made seasons 2,3,4 & 5 unnecessary.

What is worse, in a recap show preceding the finale the producers were bragging about how they felt everyone would love the ending. How they came to be so out of touch with how their ending would be received is a mystery bigger than the island. These producers did some seriously creative story telling over the course of the series.

Guys, it still isn’t too late to make up a new ending and throw a 3 hour special our way! :).

You still have fans that want to remember Lost as a tour de force instead of as something that fell flat on its face at the very end.

Well, I enjoyed the series. It provided many hours of welcome distractions from my life. I got to see Sawyer hook up with Juliet across multiple realities. Time to move on!

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