I Was Blocked By BottledWaterMatters

A few months ago I read in the Huffington Post that

One particularly enjoyable environmental front group to monitor is Bottled Water Matters, which is funded by The International Bottled Water Association, a trade industry group. With a website, YouTube channel, Twitter feed and Facebook page they present themselves as concerned citizens and good, honest bottled water enthusiasts. As Jason Linkins detailed in his post last March, the group has been working hard to battle the their deserved anti-green reputation

I decided after reading that article to subscribe to the BottledWaterMatters youtube channel.

Last night a new pro bottled water propaganda video was posted to that youtube channel( above). I posted a short comment telling people to search youtube on “The Story Of Bottled Water” to get the information the bottled water industry didn’t want people to see.

My comment was deleted. Three times. I went to repost my comment again this morning and I found that BottledWaterMatters had blocked me

I posted earlier on this blog that bottled water is an incredible rip-off in addition to being an environmental hazard. However, those issues are small potatoes. After watching the documentary “Tapped” I learned that Nestle, which owns many of the brands of bottled water, is working to gain control of fresh water supplies in the U.S., often with the blessing of municipal governments and for next to no cost while depriving local Americans of water. Bottled water being more expensive per gallon than gasoline is not a joke to the bottled water industry. They are working to gain control of our fresh water supplies. Someday they may control our water the way oil companies control our energy.

Instead of blocking people from speaking on youtube, the corporations that BottledWaterMatters youtube channel represents may be cutting off people’s access to water.

If you have a few moments, vote that youtube video down and post your own comment.

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