Drinking Nestle

Above is the documentary called Tapped, which someone uploaded in 5 parts to YouTube. I made a play list out of the parts so you watch the documentary non-stop and without having to hunt for the parts.

Basically, bottled water being more expensive than gasoline is not a joke to everyone. Bottled water companies have been quietly buying up American fresh water supplies and leaving Americans without. The worst of these companies is Nestle, which owns these brands of bottled water :

  1. Arrowhead
  2. Calistoga
  3. Deer Park
  4. Ice Mountain
  5. Ozarka
  6. Poland Spring
  7. Zephyrhills

A second highlight of the documentary is how the plastic used for water bottles and even water coolers is far more toxic than the public has been led to believe.

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2 thoughts on “Drinking Nestle”

  1. The whole bottled water thing is such a ridiculous waste. It’s a terrible waste of resources and strain on the environment. And people don’t realize what plastic does to your body. There are times when bottled water is unavoidable (traveling abroad, for example), but I don’t buy it here, ever.

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