Electric cars are here, *now*

Forget the future, electric cars are here, right now:


Also check out this organization that promotes the adoption of electric vehicles:

They will make private showings of Who Killed The Electric Car available to student and other groups.

I saw that documentary and it blew me away.

Electric cars can run, right now, with a range of about 300 miles and a top speed in excess of 80 mph. It takes 50 electric cars to make the same pollution as one gas powered car. Since electric cars have no transmission ( fewer moving parts ) they can be maintained for only a fraction of the cost of a conventional car. Electric cars only use 25% of the electricity that hydrogen fuel cell cars would. That electricity would come from dirty fossil fuel plants.

Electric car technology exists right now. Hydrogen fuel cell technology is decades away and requires “5 technological miracles” as the documentary put it.

Watch this cool trailer of Who Killed The Electric Car and encourage everyone you can to rent a copy of the film:

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2 thoughts on “Electric cars are here, *now*”

  1. Yay!
    If i ever buy a car, it’ll def. be an electric or some other high-mileage, earth-friendly car…..

    I still need to see “Who Killed the Electric Car?”- i keep meaning to… just have to finish watching “The Corporation” with Brian and that’ll be the next documentary on my list!

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