First Green Shave

This morning I had my first shave with an electric razor.

Usually I wait until after I get out of the shower to shave to take advantage of my facial hair loosening up from the humidity. This morning I used my electric razor fresh out of bed as an experiment.

I got a much better shave, even under those conditions, with the electric razor.

I did not turn on my sink once, I conserved water, I used no shaving cream, I put no shaving cream made of who knows what pollutants down the drain into the Chesapeke bay, I did not press the button on my aerosol shaving cream can, I will no longer have to throw out the metal from such cans, I will no longer have to throw out metal from the blades I use , I will not have to throw out plastic from the handles and I will not have to buy any of these things any more.

Ironically, I have even saved electricity and thereby reduced global climate change emissions. Electric razors use less power than it takes to pump water into my bathroom sink for shaving with another method.

My barber told me that if I rinse out the razor after each use and store it outside of my bathroom to protect it from humidity that I can make my razor last for many years.

Huge drop in pollution from my daily habits, less mess, fewer trips to the drugstore, and a better shave. Whats not to like ? 🙂

Go Green!

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4 thoughts on “First Green Shave”

  1. I’ve heard that shaving cream is just a large invented industry- I’ve done fine for years just shaving my legs with slightly soapy water.

  2. My sweetie always has used soap on his face…I used to use olive oil until I moved in with him and he complained the tub was too slippery…

    Now I just use soap too. But they make eco-friendly shave products if you’re so inclined to waste money.


  3. I’ve tried soap several times before. It is fine on the legs ( we’ll talk about that another time ) but it doesn’t cut the mustard when shaving the face.

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