I have Wind Power!

There are now laws in many states that where you can tell your power company who you want your power company to buy electricity from for your use.

This company supplies 100% wind power on the east coast from North Carolina all the way up to New York state:


I placed my order today. My apartment will be powered by clean, global warming emission free electricity starting in July! It is only costing me about 3 and half cents extra per kilowatt hour. A friend of mine who lives in the same city as I do said he did not notice any significant difference in his electricity bill.

The Union Of Concerned Scientists list reducing your fossil fuel consumption for home electricity as one of the most effective green things a person can do to help the most important environmental problems.

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One thought on “I have Wind Power!”

  1. Sweet! Hopefully when I move in August we’ll be able to buy green energy (we can’t for the current place we’re in, because the landlord pays the elec. for everyone in this house)

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