Odometer By Money

I will probably hate myself someday if someone else gets rich off of this idea, but I wouldn’t mind having it come into reality without having to do any of the work myself. Automobile trip odometers that show you how much a trip has cost you in gas money.

Whenever gas prices go up the advice to consolidate your car trips is commonly given. For example, if you pass by a supermarket on your way home from work, do you food shopping on a Thursday night instead of making a new, special trip on the weekend. I’ve noticed that this advice also saves you *TIME* and *HASSLES*. One of the things that sold me on Netflix was that instead of making 4 trips to watch a DVD ( there and back, twice ), the mail carrier, who was already driving through my neighborhood could just drop off the DVD for me…..and pick it up. Enviornmentalists take note, besides saving gas and time, this also saves C02 generation.

Now that Amazon sells just about everything I’m thinking more and more

“Do I want to spend a total of 20 minutes driving to find this widget or do I want to conveniently have it delivered to me via Amazon?”

In my area gas prices are high, shopping is spread out.

It seems to me like paying for shipping off of Amazon could be competitive with some shopping trips I could make.

Hence an odometer, completely possible with today’s technology, that would let me enter what I paid for my last fill up and will tell me how much my trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond for a new water filter cost me, so I can decide next time if I might as well just order it online.

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