Swedish Cowboys & Indians


If you think Americans are the only people buying ridiculous vehicles while the world approaches peak oil and irreversible global climate change, think again. According to this article on ecostreet.com the Swedes are doing it to.

A group calling themselves the “Swedish Indians” is going around deflating tires on SUVs. Another group has formed to fight them, calling themselves the “Swedish Cowboys”. Here is a copy of the letter that the Swedish Indians leave on each SUV that they deflate the tires on:

Your SUV kills!

We have deflated one or several tyres of your SUV. Don’t take it personal. It’s your car we don’t like. You are certainly aware of the large amount of fuel it consumes, so we don’t have to enlighten you about that. But either you are ignorant of, or you don’t care about the fact that all the gas you consume by driving around in your SUV in the streets of the city has devastating consequences for others. Scientists are entirely sure that we are very close to pushing climate change over a threshold, into a phase where it will be totally out of control.

There are real, social contradictions in the field of climate change between those who emit carbon relentlessly and those who suffer the heaviest losses, and bringing these to light is crucial for any progress. Not everyone will fight climate change. Not everyone will give up their lethal privileges voluntarily.
— The Indians of the Concrete Jungle

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9 thoughts on “Swedish Cowboys & Indians”

  1. We wouldn’t even have to flatten their tires. That would draw some semi-justified criticism. I think sticking notes like the Swedish Indians letter to their cars on a wide scale would get a lot of people talking.

  2. i could easily create one for y’all, and tile it on a sheet so you don’t have to arrange it yourself…

  3. okies! it might take me a while… i’m a little busy with things right now, but i’ll prolly do it during my oceanography class (heh, what a joke class)

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