The cutting edge

Dag sent me this article about the “cutting edge” ( pun intended ) in green lawn care

The old fashioned mowers which were welded to these bikes were not that bad. I can understand professional grounds people wanting power mowers, but suburbanites don’t need them and could probably, like most of us, benefit from the moderate exercise. In addition to not polluting the environment further for their lawns ( another rant and post! )

My guess is that there never was a problem to solve. I see so many new things coming out these days that are just ridiculous in terms of the trivial amount of effort they save. My guess is that power mowers were a similar thing back in the day.

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3 thoughts on “The cutting edge”

  1. Holy shit that’s cool! However, I’m a firm believer that much of nature shouldn’t be mowed over in the first place. But a couple of strolling paths is neat, what a fucking cool idea for a mower!


  2. I agree with you PW.

    An environmentalist in my town has converted his house to use every green technology he could find a way to use. He gives open house tours a few times a year.

    He has no front lawn. Instead he has a garden of local native plants, with small placards stuck in the ground explaining what they are. The garden is low maintenance, much less than a lawn, requires no toxic lawn care chemicals, and is much more beautiful in IMHO.

    Bluegrass lawns look pretty sterile to me.

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