Trash Becomes Oil

A Japanese engineer has invented a portable machine about the size of a dorm refrigerator that will turn waste plastic back into oil.

I’m not sure how it will reduce carbon emissions, as is his claim. It would seem that once the oil is burned, the carbon will go back into the air.

However, this is still an incredible innovation. Such machines can be powered with electricity from windmills so no new fossil fuel energy will be needed for the conversion.

The greatest boon, in my opinion is that it will provide an incentive to clean up millions of tons of trash on the planet, as that trash will now be seen as money to be mined out of waste dumps.

I remember reading that one of the men who writes about the island of plastic trash in the pacific, the one the size of Texas, planned on building a boat that would use the trash for oil/fuel.

Interestingly enough, I just found out about a larger scale, more serious operation like this around the corner from me in Derwood, Maryland:

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2 thoughts on “Trash Becomes Oil”

  1. I remember seeing this done in Back to the Future (I think part 2). The time has come to start looking at some of the ideas of creative minds, those who are writing movies and books.
    Maybe Ron Howard can propose some ideas for science to research. Think of things we have that we have seen in movies or read in books as children. Gilligan rode a bike to power a radio, the Jetson’s dog ran on a treadmill, George Jetson had Skypes.
    So how about going to a right-brain genius for ideas. Then give the ideas to science to develop.

  2. What you saw in Back To The Future Part II was “Mr. Fusion”. Fusion is a kind of nuclear energy where matter, any matter, is converted into energy. Problem is, nobody has figured out how to do it yet 🙂

    On the up side, Gilligan’s exercise bike electricity generator is already here 🙂

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