2 thoughts on “Baloney Detectiong Guide”

  1. This isn’t far from the truth. I do quite a bit of reading on health and it’s surprising how few claims are based in research. This is understandable, as research is expensive and tedious (trust me), so sometimes it’s easier to experiment on yourself. But just because something works for you doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. I recently watched Dr. Oz for the first time, and he had on some nationally known diet guru – he lost me when he started pushing eating lots of sweet potatoes. No good diet was founded upon stocking up on one “super food.”

  2. LOL. Christie, don’t you know that “super food” is a marketing term that is code for “We want to charge you $12 for what people in other countries pay pennies for” ? 🙂

    What I find ironic with nutrition folklorists is that they love reminding people that MDs don’t recieve any nutrition education of significance in medical school, but if some quack like DR. Atkins writes a gimmicky pop diet book or another MD writes a raw foodism book, they cite that authors MD as credentials.

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