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I wrote an email to a friend describing two books about money I read towards the end of my education that I found rewarding to read and extremely useful.

They should not be the only two books people read about personal money management, but they make a great start for people who are just starting to think about their money in terms beyond only paying their bills.

Here are the books:

Get A Financial Life

This is a personal finance book written for people in the 20’s & 30′, as well as other people just starting out. It is non-stuffy. It does not read like a textbook, it is enjoyable to read, but nonetheless informative. I also discovered by looking it up that the authors put out a new edition since I last read it. You can read it in a weekend or two and the advice will literally bring you significant benefits.  It gets updated every few years so make sure you have the latest edition.

Your Money Or Your Life

This is a book about the “Voluntary Simplicity” movement and “down shifting”. You may not want to do many of the things listed in the book, most people do not. However, this is an incredibly valuable book to read because it makes you think about the deeper meaning of money, work, and how they relate to where you want to go in your life. It isn’t written by a hippy, but by someone who was a successful financial adviser in NYC who decided it was time to think about money beyond paying the bills and building investments as ends in themselves. The thoughts he suggests you contemplate can give you a powerful way to look at your life.

If anyone reads or has read either of these books let me know what you think. 🙂

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  1. I’ve read “Your Money or Your Life.” I thought it was OK. The numbers in the edition I read (I bought it used) hadn’t been updated since the early 1990s, which I found kind of frustrating. I thought the “real hourly wage” thing was an interesting concept. Mine ends up pretty darn close to my regular after-tax wage, so I guess that means I’m doing something right.

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