Cell phones without calling plans

I was looking for a cell phone to keep in the glove compartment of my car for occasional, rare uses:

  • car breaking down
  • emergencies
  • getting lost
  • an occasional call when doing volunteer work to coordinate with others

I wanted something that would let pay once for the phone as well as some calling time and then never ask me for any more money.

It didn’t look like I was going to get my wish.

It seemed like I would either have to subscribe to a monthly service or use some sort of prepaid plan where my time/money would expire if I didn’t use it. Then have to pay again and again.

Luckily I found this cool site.

They can reprogram your old cell phone to make 911 calls for free ( this capability is an FCC law ). You can also make old cell phones capable of calling collect, calling with your credit card, or calling with a prepaid minutes card.

If you are someone like me who only wants to make a occasional mobile phone call this is perfect!


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