Cheap Eating?

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Many people have the opinion that making healthier food choices is too expensive and too inconvenient for the disposition of Americans.

Below is an interesting quote from a Wall Street Journal article about Burger King losing business due to sleazy marketing and ignoring a trend among fast food consumers for picking perceived healthier food choices.

Former super fan Noah Rubin says he has. The 28-year-old Seattle man used to wolf down bacon cheeseburgers three or four nights a week at Burger King, Jack in the Box and local bars. But he and his fianceé started cutting back last year after both were laid off, then found jobs at lower pay.

Now they cook at home using organic vegetables and dine out only on weekends. Mr. Rubin figures he is saving more than $100 a week by eating fewer burgers. “I don’t think we’ll go back to eating out as often as we used to,” he says. “We always used to talk about eating at home more, and now that it’s happened, we’ve found that we really enjoy it.”

Hmmm. Saving $100 a week from NOT buying fast food, the epitome of cheap and convenient food? Enjoying cooking at home with organic vegetables?

Times change…

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One thought on “Cheap Eating?”

  1. Yeah, fast food is so expensive! I know a few other students where I am who spend around $450-$500 a month on food because they primarily eat hamburgers, etc.

    I shop for veggies, etc and I probably spend about $150-$200 a month at the grocery store (and that includes buying kitty litter)

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