Christmas Music Tyranny

I like a lot of Christmas music. I think it is best enjoyed a week before Christmas. In my area there are several radio stations that start playing Christmas music 24/7, at Thanksgiving. A full month before Christmas.

I wrote to one station I had on the presets in my car radio.

They told me that it was a money maker for them. Many area stores set their stereos to play their station exclusively during the Christmas shopping season.

Okay, that is bad enough, but now there are some radio stations in my area still playing Christmas music, though Christmas has ended. I’m guessing it will run through New Years Day.

Ironically, the content of those songs often have nothing do with commemorating Christ or Christianity. The bulk of the songs are about the trappings of Yule, an ancient European pagan holiday. “Christmas trees”, misletoe, etc.

Next year, when someone complains about the “war on Christmas” that person, IMHO, should be asked:

  1. Do you plan to spend Christmas day in church?
  2. Do you plan to join the crowds on Black Friday, shoving other people for a piece of plastic crap from China, in the spirit of Christ?
  3. Have you read the entire Bible? If not, do you plan to start on Christmas?

Okay, I am ranting, but *ENOUGH* with the Christmas music already. Christmas is over.

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