I have crossed paths with people recently who are dying or who have lost someone close to them.

I have come to the conclusion that when my time comes ( if it comes, I may be immortal ) I don’t want people to feel bad for me. Lets face it. It will not do me any good. I will be free from pain. You will not be.

I would much rather that people think of me remembering the good times and getting a smile on their face doing so.

If anyone I know is reading this blog entry in the post 2065 world, you have my permission not to punish yourself. In fact, I want you to honor me by going out and having a good time. Get laid, get a good workout in, help someone, help an animal, take a walk through the park and know that I want you to have that feeling and that I want you to be happy.

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6 thoughts on “Death”

  1. “Get laid, get a good workout in, help someone, help an animal, take a walk through the park “… you forgot adopt a kitty 😉

    seriously though, i’ve been thinking about these things too and agree.

  2. You mean I have to wait until 2065 to get laid? Man, I’ll be 110.

    The good thing about death is that it serves as a constant reminder to enjoy life. As Albert Ellis would say, the purpose of life is to have a f*cking ball. It seems senseless to go through life worrying about the end. Much better to just enjoy the journey.

  3. Too bad we can’t control how people think about us, in life and in death. Of course, once we pop off, who cares?

    I just hope, when I die, I don’t get a lot of “Finally!”

  4. Will –
    I noticed that you are completely unconcerned about having to wait until 2065 to take a walk in the park 🙂

    MVS –

    Kat –
    I guess I still do. Apart from the obvious, personally, I think it would be fun to die in sex scandal if for no other reason in getting a chuckle from contemplating how people will react.

  5. I think many people operate on an unconscious belief that unless they feel miserable too, they don’t care about a person and not caring about them would make them into an unworthy person.

    IMHE ( In My Humble Experience ), people in trouble mostly want to feel cared about, they want to feel validated and they want to be distracted from their troubles.

    None of which requires the other person feeling awful.

    People will get upset by death, that is in our biology, but past a certain point it would become too much. Such messages and such thoughts, IMHO ( In My Humble Opinion ) could help at that point.

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