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I remember reading an article last year about an orphaned Indian boy who worked in a factory and who was robbed of his life savings by a police officer. More disturbingly, those acts are not done by “monsters”, but by ordinary desperate people.

Well, the same environment has produced an inspirational act that is just the opposite.

Read about Khimjibhai Prajapati. A 64 year old beggar who used money he collected to buy clothing for 11 poor, hearing impaired and speech impaired girls at a school for the deaf.

So why did he give alms to the unfortunate children at the school? Khimjibhai said, “I just need two meals a day and some money to send back to my ailing wife in Rajkot to cure her ulcers and lung infection. Apart from this, whatever I earn I use to buy food for poor, hungry people. Since a long time I wished to do something for girls and I am happy to donate for them”.

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