My first shovel

I did my personal part to ward off another snowmaggedon in Washington D.C.. I bought my first snow shovel.

Last year I couldn’t buy one or anything related to it. The stores in my area were cleaned out. For months.

Well, this year I decided to shop for my shovel and ice melt early and I noticed a few positive things along the way. The first is that I stopped at a CVS along the way and noticed they now sell kitchen trash bags made out of 65% recycled plastic. A big box store I stopped at also sells pet safe and plant safe ice melt. What a better world I live in when a big box store thinks its customers would be willing to pay slightly more for an environmentally friendly alternative to rock salt and a CVS knows that recycled trash bags will sell.

The woman at the hardware store where I ended up buying my shovel told me that there were a number of different environmentally friendly alternatives to rock salt. I ended up buying a shovel with a plastic head. The woman at the hardware store told me that such shovels actually hold up better under the weight of wet snow than aluminum. I didn’t like the idea of plastic, but I am not likely to throw out a snow shovel unless it breaks. I will likely have the shovel for the rest of my life. Aluminum requires a [b]lot[/b] of electricity to make so maybe the plastic shovel is also the greener choice in that regard.

Anyway, I like running into cool unexpected things like environmentally friendlier ice melt and trash bags made out of recycled plastic.

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