Red Bull

I decided to indulge a whim and I had my first can of Red Bull the other day.

I was not impressed. I got a very tiny can for my $2.50. Inside was something that tasted like a melted carbonated lollipop.

The first ingredients ( the most voluminous ) after water were several kinds of sweetener. Then caffiene. Then a ridiculously tiny amount of B vitamins and an amino acid. The tiny can, about the size of the cans of apple juice served at continental breakfasts in hotels, weighed in at about 100 calories for 80 mg of caffiene.

You can get as much caffiene from a strong cup of regular coffee, an average cup of espresso or a few cups of homemade iced tea. All of which are far cheaper, better tasting and at least have some redeeming health value. Particularly if you make a large thermos of iced green tea on your own.

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