To The Red Cross

My email to the American Red Cross

I’ve been a regular blood donor for about a year.

The Red Cross mailed me a coupon for a free appetizer at “Joe’s Crab Shack” to thank me for volunteering.

My motivation for volunteering is to give back and do something good.

That same motivation also drives me to avoid causing unnecessary suffering to animals and to avoid unnecessary damage to the environment which will hurt the human community. The same community I give my blood to.

The environmental damage is particularly to pertinent to Maryland where over harvesting crabs has done a lot of damage to our environment.

I don’t eat animal products and I try to avoid using non-edible animal products whenever possible.

A card would have made me feel just as appreciated.

Without offending anyone, can I suggest that the Red Cross put thought into more socially responsible appreciation gifts?

I think giving away reusable bags as the Red Cross did was a great example. How about adding reusable, non-plastic, water bottles to that repertoire?

Yours sincerely

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One thought on “To The Red Cross”

  1. Also the red cross does vivisection. They have their own lab in rockville maryland where they kill and maim animals in experiments.

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