U.S. Post Office Sucks

Never put anything is U.S. Post Office mail box by accident. They have no capacity or will to do deal with such a simple mistake.

Last week I bundled up a bunch of personal checks some friends sent to me into a deposit envelope and went to an ATM machine to make a deposit. I took some letters with me to mail. My brain skipped a cog and I accidentally put my deposit envelope into the mail box. It was Sunday.

First thing Monday morning after about an hour of phone tag between 3 different telephone numbers I get an unconcerned and unapologetic supervisor who tells me that nothing can be done if I don’t want to loiter around the mail box on a work day on the chance I will come across the mail carrier who collects the mail. According to him all mail goes to a huge factory like, automated processing plant. Anything the machines can’t deal with goes to a dead letter place and anything without an address, like a bank envelope gets destroyed.

I told the guy that I would be willing to travel to pick the envelope up, but that I couldn’t take off of work to travel to another city to stand around a mail box.

No dice.

I know I am not the first or last person who holds down a job 9 – 5 who has made this mistake. I was really shocked that the Post Office has no way to deal with such a simple matter as putting an envelope aside for someone to come pick up. I got the impression that they do not want to bother, that they do not have to care, they know they do not have to care and that they do not indeed care.

It is the classic example of what you get in an organization when there reduced accountability.

Don’t make this mistake, you will be SOL like I am.

The situation is the same as if I decided to flush the checks down the toilet.

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3 thoughts on “U.S. Post Office Sucks”

  1. Dang…

    I once sent a flat picture package (I think it was to you, actually), and for some reason they sent it to my house! I had to take it back and tell them to send it again, to Maryland…

  2. We are so close to not needing the Post Office at all anymore. I think once more people get good internet connections, some miscellaneous issues are solved, and an older generation moves on he Post Office will go away.

    Having run into the attitude I got, I will not feel too bad about.

    Right now most of their revenue comes from delivering junk mail and bills.

    If my friends had a way to send me the checks electronically I wouldn’t have even had to deal with them.

    Oh well, the checks are gone, expensive lesson.

  3. You’d better tell your friends to stop payment on the checks, because I have heard of postal workers taking checks and trying to cash them.

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