Blessings And Burdens In Longevity

I found this article at Larry Haubner just had his 107th birthday. I initially found this article depressing. Haubner never had a family, is penniless having outlived his savings and he finds himself living in 2009 — a world that has few familiar surroundings in common with the world of his birth in 1902.

On the other hand, people who live in nursing homes rarely have their children visit them, maybe a few times a year. What is new and strange also becomes familiar.
I saw an old 70s style phone the other day and though I felt a bit of nostalgia I couldn’t imagine using such a phone anymore.

Larry Haubner lived on his own, taking care of himself until he was 102 and to this day he doesn’t take any medication. He was able to do those things because he has been a nutrition and exercise buff. Neighbors frequently saw him riding his bike down to the local river to sit by it and sing. Riding a bike at nearly one century of age and still enjoying life enough to sing. Haubner isn’t a sad man.

The staff at his assisted living facility have made successful web sites and pledge drives on his behalf to raise money for his living expenses. Haubner may not have a family, but he isn’t alone or friendless at his age.

To a younger person his situation may look grim, but Haubner is happy

The article from the Washington Post

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