The New York Times had an interesting about how reusing disposable plastic bottles can be bad for your health. Basically, crap comes out of the plastic and goes into your body.

Top points that the article made:

  1. Reusable beverage containers are friendly to both the environment and your health.
  2. Stainless steel and glass are your best choices
  3. If you are worried about breaking glass or losing expensive stainless steel containers Number 2 or Number 5 plastic containers are the next best alternative
  4. If you reuse any kind of plastic don’t put the containers in your dish washer and don’t use strong detergents to wash them. That will contribute to the plastic breaking down and putting crap into your body

This is a great site for finding reusable green products and learning about the environmental issues around such things:

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2 thoughts on “Bottles”

  1. There policy on their shipping rates needs to change.

    I bought a bag of plastic bags ( reusable produce bags ) from them and charged me a little over $5 for shipping and handling. Maybe that is the true cost, but it seemed high to me.

    REI carries the same kind of steel bottles and there is an REI on my way home from work. I might just pick one up there and dodge the shipping costs.

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