Choy Sum, The Next Crossover Hit

It is amazing how crazy people are over kale. Yet, there is a very tasty, friendly and available vegetable that has over 3 times the usable calcium of kale and over twice the usable calcium of a cup of cow’s milk. It is called

Choy Sum

It cooks as quickly as spinach. It can be found in any Asian market. Googling on “choy sum seeds” quickly reveals a variety of sources for growing your own. Searching youtube on “choy sum” will find you a list of videos demonstrating how to cook it.

I think that with all of the interest I read about kale, eating it, making recipes for it, even growing it in pots for apartment dwellers  — that it is PAST the time that choy sum becomes the next “crossover hit” to make it into mainstream American markets.

There are a number of vegetables that are now in mainstream supermarkets that were not there when I was a kid. Most are not as deserving as choy sum, IMO. It is a nutritional powerhouse. Starting asking for it at your local farmer’s market, mainstream supermarkets, co-ops, Whole Foods, TJ’s, etc.

Remember, you read about it here first! 🙂

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