Fattest U.S. States

Mississippi is the fattest state in the U.S. and Colorado is the leanest.

Having recently returned from NYC, I would bet cash that if NYC was its own state it would beat Colorado for leanness.

When I was in NYC there were 3 things I saw very little of: the sun, obviously obese people and SUVs. Tall buildings and pollution from commuter cars partially explain the decreased sunlight.

Traffic and lack of plentiful,big parking spaces account for the reduced amount of SUVS.

The ugly, but most excellent NYC subway system accounts for the rest. It is so convenient that it takes away all motivation to own a car in New York. Using the subway forces people to walk…and climb stairs. An obese person would just not survive depending on the subway for transportation or they wouldn’t stay obese for very long with the increased exercise. I remember Morgan Spurlock in the movie “Supersize Me” quoting the statistic that the average New Yorker walks 5 miles a day. If you go to New York city, you will believe it.

I am beginning to think that the suburbs contribute to obesity. In New York city you walk to the corner grocery store, which limited room for endless junk, and then you do the work of carrying your food back through the subway. In the suburbs,you can drive up to the big box store with your spacious vehicle where a huge selection of discounted junk is waiting for you, along with motor scooters to move you around if you find shopping too exhausting.

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