Looking At The World Through Amber Colored Glasses To Fix Insomnia?

Can’t fall asleep? Wake up earlier than you want to?

I’ve been reading that blue light emitted from artificial lights, computers, televisions, and hand held devices inhibits melatonin production. Melatonin is a hormone that tells your body that it is night and time for you to sleep.

There are various products on the web for blocking blue light.

One of these products are amber colored glasses you start wearing 3 hours before your bed time.

About $70.

However, you can also buy the welder’s safety goggles pictured above, which block out almost 100% of the blue light.

About $10 on Amazon.

Uvex S1933X Skyper Safety Eyewear, Black Frame, SCT-Orange UV Extreme Anti-Fog Lens

You can also read the company’s documentation about the kinds of light blocked out by their glasses  here and here.

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