Birds and crime


The bird walks into the RS McColl newsagents in Aberdeen when the door is open and makes off with cheese Doritos.

The seagull, nicknamed Sam, has now become so popular that locals have started paying for his crisps.

Shop assistant Sriaram Nagarajan said: “Everyone is amazed by the seagull. For some reason he only takes that one particular kind of crisps.”

The bird first swooped in Aberdeen’s Castlegate earlier this month and made off with the 55p crisps, and is now a regular.

This is hilarious…..

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10 thoughts on “Birds and crime”

  1. For a chip to steal birds, after all, perpetuates the property status of animals, and that is absolutely no good at all.

  2. Since this took place in Aberdeen, Scotland rather than Aberdeen, South Dakota, I think what may have been meant was “crisp-stealing bird”. Such pedantry would be unnecessary were the delinquent gull in England, but chips are (after the haggis, which is not of course vegan) the national dish of Scotland, where a bag of chips is known as a “Glasgow salad”.

  3. LOL!

    Hi Woubit. Welcome to my privately owned and operated blog. I’ve missed your wit. A couple of people from veganporn gather here regularly to talk as friends in friendly conversations. I am glad that you found the place.

    As far as I am aware ( surprise guests do pop in ) you are my first fully British reader. I am aware of the taxonomy of British junk food, but I didn’t think it would be something picked up on right away by my readers.

    FWIW to my readers, the British use the word “chips” for what we call “french fries” and the word “crisps” for what we call “chips”.

    They drive on the wrong side of the road too, but they have a great body of literature and no matter how horrible of a president is elected they will always be our allies.

  4. Thanks for the compliment on the blog Chanterelle :).

    No, I do not mind if you visit.

    Not everyone is welcome here and I am not interested in all types of conversations ( no dissing of veganism, no endless splitting of hairs, no bickering ), but you are most certainly welcome.

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