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According to Time magazine the dating site OK Cupid collects a lot of data and analyzes a lot of trends from its site. One of the more interesting trends they noticed is that people who use Twitter have shorter relationships.

My mentor during my teen years, a karate instructor used to be fond of saying The way you practice is the way you play the game. Assuming the OK Cupid analysis means anything, I wonder if this has anything to do with Twitter encouraging impulsiveness, narcissism and short attention spans which translates to bad relationship habits. Have a moment that is not filled with a thought? Can’t have that. Whip out your smart phone and check your tweets. Who cares if you are at a party where you could talk to live people? Assume everyone wants to know that you just took a breath. Don’t form a long chain of thoughts in your head, you can’t fit it into those tiny little Twitter boxes anyway. Sarcasm aside, if Twitter trains people to interact with others on momentary impulsiveness and to keep those interactions short will that translate into habits with their offline relationships? Is it really about the demographics of Twitter users ( mostly young people ) or the demographics of Twitter users and OK Cupid users ( mostly young, mostly pretentious/immature people )?

Other interesting “findings” from this article is that the more expensive the tuition, the more sex a college student will be having.

Also interesting, women who identify as “thin” have more confidence when they are younger, but women who identify as “curvy” have more self confidence later in life….and a higher sex drive. The sex drive of men was unaffected by their body type.

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