Facebook == The New Blow Off ?

I’ve gotten more than a few free chuckles from reading Marc F.’s blog Diary of a Disillusioned Dater about his experiences as a single guy dating in New York City.

Marc F. writes well and he has a rapier wit for turning nasty dating experiences into hilarious stories.

So, have you ever been “FaceBooked” when trying to get a date?

If she was blowing him off why did she make sure that he had her last name, especially when he didn’t ask for it?

On the other hand, many people feel awkward when giving someone a polite brush off. They will say things that indicate a level of interest that they do not have.

What do you think?

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One thought on “Facebook == The New Blow Off ?”

  1. I think it all comes down to self confidence, both in who we are and what we want from someone else. Sometimes people think others will think they do not deserve the particular partner that appeals to them. Thus, they respond in a less accurate manner than is appropriate.

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