Goodbye Plenty Of Fish

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The free online dating site Plenty Of Fish implemented a new matching service that uses income as a criteria. Not enough existing account holders were providing that information so the owner of the site began turning features off for members who do not provide information about their income.

I tried editing my profile there today and could not. I could not save my edits unless I divulged my income.

It is a free site. His money. His call.

It is also my call not to use his site. Did I mention the unattractive interface and the way it makes everyone’s picture look poor?

Goodbye Plenty Of Fish

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One thought on “Goodbye Plenty Of Fish”

  1. How weird. I just mentioned recently about the girls I knew who attempted to find stable men on that site only to discover so few of them have held a steady job. I wonder if it had anything to do with any of the complaints. hmmm I don’t blame you for leaving. I’d think job description would be enough. Income is a bit much for a site like that. Just my opinion.

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