Why He Didn’t Call You Back

Rachel Greenwald is a Harvard MBA who became a dating coach. Greenwald decided to study why some men didn’t call some of her clients back for second dates. Greenwald decided to take a page out of the human resources playbook and began conducting “exit interviews with these men with the permission of her clients.

Surprisingly, these men were open to being honest in response to an unsolicited phone call asking them about their private lives. Greenwald ended up interviewing over one thousand men . According to Greenwald, about 90% of the time her clients guessed incorrectly as to why these men weren’t interested.

After seeing some patterns emerge, Greenwald compiled the top ten reasons she found among her 1000 interviews. Greenwald was surprised that many of these deal breakers were easily fixed things.

Below is a video interview with her promoting her book.

Greenwald did ask her women clients what their top turn-offs were in regards to men. There is a chapter in her book. The top reason? Acting overly “nice”. Please don’t confuse that with being genuinely nice. The other “nice” is likely about being insecure.

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2 thoughts on “Why He Didn’t Call You Back”

  1. I liked this book. Wish somebody had put it in my hands back in my single days. I gave it to my daughter for her 26th birthday. I hope you’ll read my blog post on this subject, as I gave it a lot of thought…. I think English Teaching Vegan is right about women’s (and men’s!!!) tendency to choose the wrong person. But you have to get past that first coffee date to find out which one’s right for you and which one’s wrong.

  2. Hi Barbara, good blog article.

    I agree with you. I think people judge people too quickly on first dates. I do it too. I’ve met so many wonderful people my life, including romance worthy women, who had to grow on me over time. At the least I wouldn’t have known within the first 20 min of the job interview…….um, coffee date that they were desirable to me :).

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