Harvard Expert: Lose The Cow’s Milk

The Los Angeles Times recently published an article about how many mainstream experts, health advocacy groups and scientists are criticizing the USDA Dietary Guidelines. Surprisingly, these non-vegan mainstream experts had a big problem with the guidelines recommending that Americans drink even more cow’s milk:

Chairman of the Department of Nutrition
Harvard School of Public Health (Boston)
Author, “Eat, Drink and Be Healthy”

Also, the recommendation for three servings of milk per day is not justified and is likely to cause harm to some people. The primary justification is bone health and reduction of fractures. However, prospective studies and randomized trials have consistently shown no relation between milk intake and risk of fractures. On the other hand, many studies have shown a relation between high milk intake and risk of fatal or metastatic prostate cancer, and this can be explained by the fact that milk intake increases blood levels of IGF-1, a growth-promoting hormone. The justification for drinking three glasses of milk per day on the basis of increasing potassium intake is also not valid as the extra calories, even with low-fat milk, would easily counterbalance the benefit of the extra potassium. Also, the recommendation for people of all ages to drink three servings of milk per day is very radical and would double dairy production if adopted; this would have huge environmental impacts that would need to be considered.

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