Albert Ellis Foundation

Dr. Albert Ellis is considered to be one of the greats of western pyschology along side names such as Freud and Jung.
Albert Ellis is still alive. At 93 he still sees clients and is still writing books.

Albert Ellis invented REBT ( rational emotive behavioural therapy ) in the 1950s.

REBT preceeded and is now a subset of cognitive therapy. Cognitive therapy has proved to be as effective as medication in clinical trials.

REBT is based on the idea that thoughts cause emotions and influence behavior. Emotions as well behaviors can be changed by disputing irrational beliefs with facts and logic, forming new rational beliefs, and behaving in a way that is consistent with the new rational beliefs.

I am excited to write that there is now a foundation bearing Dr. Ellis’ name with a web site full of of cool resources:

If you are interested in learning more about REBT one of the best books on the subject is Dr. Ellis’ “A Guide To Rational Living” :

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