Dedicated to *EX*-president George W. Bush

I would like to dedicate this favorite song from my early teen years to ex-president George W. Bush:

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4 thoughts on “Dedicated to *EX*-president George W. Bush”

  1. Sad! How sad that you would rather make fun of others than do anything productive yourself. May God bless and keep you always. And The same for OUR ex-president George Bush. I would not want to do his job and thank God there are those that are willing to step up and take other peoples crap while they also work to resolve world issues.

  2. This phrase is often uttered in hostility, but that is not where I am coming from Deborah when I point out that you do not know me or what I do/don’t do in my life. You simply do not have the information available to you to conclude that I do not do anything productive nor that I focus the bulk of my time “making fun of others”.

    On the other hand, there is a lot of information that ex-president George W. Bush through willful arrogance and willful ignorance contributed to the deaths of many people, as well as degrading the future for this country. My home.

    I’m guessing that if you are not a fan of George W. Bush that you are one of those people who are easily offended by expressions of displeasure.

    I don’t like it when people are offended.

    However, considering that the Bush administration has resulted in the deaths of many people, the maiming of many people, many people losing their homes and progress on many fronts being stalled, being offended is small in comparison.

    Given these things, expressions of displeasure are a natural human reaction, are fair and will likely be happening with frequency in the coming days.

    I wish you the best of luck in navigating around those expressions of free speech while finding a way to protect your feelings.

    Have a good week.

  3. Video was actually too kind to Bush with the lyrics talking about “Good times too”…don’t blame you since you can’t pick the lyrics perfectly, just sayin’

    Fact is, Bush is a war criminal. That would have been entirely calm, objective, rational thing to say..This video instead,was a very gentle, very polite “goodbye to you” and the rightwingers find it tooooo strong (the same ones that called candidate Obama a ‘terrorist’ and the like), poor gentle sensitivities that must have…or more like, they love to unfairly beat up on any Obama as a “Terrorist” but they can’t stand even an ounce of fair criticism (or even implied criticism by merely, only saying just “goodbye to you” for **** sake!)

  4. Bush maimed this once great country ( before bush) I wish someone would maim him… not assassinate- too mild a punishment. This incompetent, environmentally unfriendly, advantageous zealot of executive power, and plain ole miscreant, is a blight on humanity and American domestic and foreign policy. Most people would like to win the lottery… I would like to see this prick a quadriplegic, eating soft food through a straw, and having his waste exit via a colostomy bag. His administration buddies Chaney and Rumsfeld deserve a similar existence. Before one believes these are the rantings of a liberal democrat, please know that I am republican albeit bipartisan…. one for the betterment of America no matter the party.
    in closing Bush….mind numbing incompetence – someone please terminate him with extrema prejudice!!!!

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