Univ Of Md: Fox News Viewers More Misinformed

A University of Maryland study (PDF) published earlier this month found that people in the survey who had the most exposure to Fox News were more likely to believe falsehoods and rumors about national and world affairs when compared to those who paid attention to other news outlets.

I’m avoiding the temptation to quote the entire article, but here are some highlights. Fox News has been criticized for

  • high profile donations to Republicans
  • deceptive video editing on multiple programs
  • on-air GOP fundraisers.

Leaked emails from Fox News have revealed that

  • top editors ordered anchors to use terminology favored by conservatives.
  • managing editor Bill Sammon, ordering staff to cast doubt upon climate data, even when it was not in question

Here is a sample of misinformation that Fox News viewers were found to believe:

  • 91 percent believed the stimulus legislation lost jobs
  • 72 percent believed the health reform law will increase the deficit
  • 72 percent believed the economy is getting worse
  • 60 percent believed climate change is not occurring
  • 49 percent believed income taxes have gone up
  • 63 percent believed the stimulus legislation did not include any tax cuts
  • 56 percent believed Obama initiated the GM/Chrysler bailout
  • 38 percent believed that most Republicans opposed TARP
  • 63 percent believed Obama was not born in the U.S. (or that it is unclear).

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2 thoughts on “Univ Of Md: Fox News Viewers More Misinformed”

  1. I heart PIPA. They did a similar study six or seven years ago that showed that FOX viewers were far more likely to believe that Saddam was involved in the 9/11 attacks, the WMDs had been found, etc.

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