Soy, back, but not in black

I’ve been looking into using less processed soy foods in my diet. I enjoy tempeh which are cakes of fermented whole soy beans. I also like edamame which are green, fresh soy beans before they have dried. Very similar to fresh lima beans out of the pod.

I also liked black soy beans, which you can find via Google or Amazon. It can be pricey, but it is grown specifically for human consumption and has a nice taste.

I last tried….and hated beige soy beans when I was 14. I was just a young punk new vegetarian back then and just learning to cook. Since I am now a handsome, worldly and sophisticated vegan I thought I would try them again.

I bought some beige organic ( to avoid GMO ) dried soy beans from a local co-op for a whopping 74 cents a pound. I soaked them for a day and tossed the stock. I also boiled the beans for 1 min, twice, changing the water each time to make them less gassy. I then pressure cooked them for 20 minutes.


They came out with an appearance, texture, and taste similar to cooked navy beans. No digestion issues either. They were wonderful and cheap. Tons of protein and calcium.

This made me think and looking back I think I may have undercooked the soy beans when I was 14, which would explain the horrible taste.

In any event, I am psyched about having a new high protein, calcium laden, whole food that is very cheap and very available.

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4 thoughts on “Soy, back, but not in black”

  1. After you cook them, roast them in a baking pan. No oil is necessary, and salt is optional. Stir them a couple of times while in a 400 degree oven for about an hour until they get all golden and crispy.

    Chickpeas taste even better roasted this way.

    Best snack evars…and worth all the farts (only if you eat a lot)…at least for a while… TMI?


  2. They taste like 15 times better freshly roasted (the ones you buy in the store have lost all their flavor) and chickpeas taste super awesome that way.


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