Soy Far, Soy Good

Jack Norris R.D. ( Registered Dietitian ) wrote a response to the 2010 December 09 article written by Kristin Wartman of the “Civil Eats” blog entitled “Not Soy Fast”. That article lists many frightening ideas about the consumption of food made from soy beans. Kristin Wartman’s blog site (before it was deleted) gives this introduction about her:

Kristin is a food writer living in Brooklyn. She has a Masters in Literature from UC Santa Cruz and is a Certified Nutrition Educator. She is interested in the intersections of food, health, politics, and culture.

Jack Norris reviewed 130 papers over the course of 3 months in preparing his response to Wartman’s article. Norris’ response overturns much of Wartman’s article. The editors of the “Civil Eats” blog decided not to publish Jack Norris’ response and they decided to close the comment section on that post. You can read Jack Norris’ response here


There have been a number of threads in various places on the internet crying “foul” that would not publish the other side of the antisoy story told in their “Not Soy Fast” article.

Well, CivilEats has changed their mind and decided to publish Jack Norris well researched response to that article here.

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