Farewell To Monty!

Farewell to Monty who passed yesterday,  Saturday 2015 September 19.

Monty was my friend Dag’s cat.

Monty started off life being bred for his intelligence and pulling things out of water ( hence his incredibly fluffy fur ).   Since his markings weren’t perfect he had no value to the breeder who then released him and a number of other cats into the woods of North Carolina.

Dag’s boyfriend Brian rescued Monty and a bunch of other stray cats from those woods when they heard the authorities were going to kill them.   Brian took Monty in along with his other cats.   When Monty became very sick with a liver issue my friend Dag took great care of him, hardly ever leaving his side.   A very strong bond between them formed.

Monty had a very sassy tomcat personality and was amazingly intelligent.

I first noticed Monty when I stayed over at Brian and Dag’s place years ago.  Monty wanted out, so he climbed up on the edge of the couch by the front door and tried turning the doorknob with his paws.  He almost made it :).

Though sassy, he was also affectionate.   That and his super duper fluffy fur made him a favourite among the neighbourhood children.   He was fearless.

When Dag used to study to much he would use his paws to close her notebook.  Of course he also took stronger measures as you can see in her old picture from a blog she made for him called The Daily Monty.

I will miss Monty.

As I wrote, he was quite a character.   Fearless, eerily smart for a cat, tough, proud and affectionate.

He handled himself well when he was abandoned to his own means.  He also adapted will when he was given a home, love, and a very happy life.  He was a sponge that soaked up a lot of sunshine, love, and happiness, while still being his unique self :).

I will think of the many nice encounters I had with him over the years and smile. :).