Custom XTerm Colors


How would you like to be able to change the colors of your XTerm client? I learned how to years ago and rediscovered the notes on my computer. It wasn’t easy to learn how to do it, so I thought it would be useful to post the directions. You may have to experiment a little or read the man page on XTerm. However, if all you want is an XTerm with a black background and white foreground just follow these directions.

Changing XTerm Colors:

  1. Bring up a terminal and sign in as root ( Ubuntu users can do this with sudo bash )
  2. Go to /etc/X11/app-defaults
  3. Bring up the file XTerm in a text editor
  4. Copy this to the bottom of the file & save the file:
! Change the background and foreground colors to black and white
xterm*background: Black
xterm*foreground:       White
xterm.eightBitInput: true
! xterm*font: -adobe-courier-bold-r-normal--14-140-75-75-m-90-iso8859-1
xterm*SaveLines: 2000
! xterm*VisualBell: true
xterm*appcursorDefault: true
*XTerm*saveLines: 1000

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