“Sent From My ….”

At the bottom of many email messages these days you see a phrase like “sent from my iPhone”.


At least that is how it can seem. “Look at me, divine being that I am, sending messages from the latest greatest hand held attention deficit disorder device”. Ahem!

Okay, so chances are you are just a poor working slob like everyone else who is just hurriedly trying to use some convenience you don’t understand to make your life a little bit easier. You weren’t trying to be snobby. You probably didn’t even know it was there.

You probably also don’t appreciate being made into a walking billboard for Apple, Google, Blackberry or whoever.

That phrase “sent from my ____” is a signature, like the signature you have in your email account. In this case your smart phone company made it your default signature. Which you can change. Just type “How do I remove “sent from my __” ” into Google.

Enough said ! 🙂

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