A pleasant veg surprise today

I had a nice little incident this morning when I went for my vehicle emissions inspection.

While my car was getting tested I had to wait in this little room with a television playing videos about air quality issues. I still had some leaflets explaining the animal agriculture and climate connection leftover from some leafleting I did with FARM (http://www.farmusa.org ) the other weekend. I snagged them out of my car and left them in the waiting room hoping people would read them while their minds were still primed by the motor vehicle associations anti-pollution video.

Once the inspection of my car was done the technician told me that he saw my bumper stickers ( tryveg.com and one about veganism improving global climate issues ). He told me that he was a vegetarian.

I said that it must be cool since it had a connection with his job protecting air quality.

He said “Ah no, I’m a vegetarian for ethical reasons”.

We chatted a bit and I gave him one of the environmental fliers mentioned above.

When I think about all the unexpected dumb comments I get this incident was a nice little surprise that made my day.


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4 thoughts on “A pleasant veg surprise today”

  1. Sweet!

    I had a funny veg experience in class… we had to do introductions, and tell something unique about ourselves. Saying “I’m vegan” is usually what I say, because I can’t think of anything else. My professor asked me what that meant, so I told him. A few seconds later he said “Ohh.. I thought you said you were a _beacon_, and I was wondering if you were a source of light or something. I know what a vegan is.”

  2. It’s funny sometimes what people think a vegan is… or sounds like :O)

    I love it when people come into the shoe store I work at and ask me which shoes do not have leather, because they are vegan. I also really like it when people don’t ask for a plastic bag for what they purchased (I never just bag what they buy- I always ask them first if they want a bag. I figure they’ll just take the bag if I don’t, whereas this way they can think about whether or not they really need one).

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