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There are some really wonderful news sites for animal rights news on the Internet and all have RSS feeds:

The Dawn Watch email list (announcement only by Karen Dawn
Karen Dawn is a professional journalist. You can read the archives on the web, without having to subscribe to her list:
Read d Dawn Watch on the web

Is an announcement only google group ( email list ) where animal rights activists from all over send in animal rights related stories from all over. The information there is updated almost constantly and is very informative. You can read the archives on the web without subscribing:
Read AR-NEWS on the web

What is really cool is that all three of these venues have RSS URLs available. RSS, sometimes called “Really Simple Syndication” is a way to make the content of a web site come to you instead of you going to it.

This is a great boon for people who want to keep up with the content of many web sites as you can read all of that content in one place in a format of your choosing. For example, if it is your job to keep on animal rights news you can use the RSS feeds below to get all of this information delivered to you.

Instead of having to remember to click on the bookmarks of many web sites you can use an RSS reader to give you a list of “headlines” from all of the sites you are interested in.

Many web browsers and email software packages come with RSS readers.


Dawn Watch:
Dawn Watch RSS


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