CCF: Corporations Spoofing As Non-Profits

The Center For Consumer Freedom is a non-profit group under Rick Berman( pictured above ).    The CCF was formed and funded by a number of large corporations( Philip Morris Tobacco, Cargill Processed Meats,  Monsanto and about 97 others).   Their stated purpose is to preserve the freedom of consumers to choose the products they want.   In reality they attack non-profit groups that publish information which may convince consumers not to buy their products.   The Center For Consumer Freedom has a reputation for dirty tricks.

Rick Berman, who opposed regulation of puppy mills ( factory farms for dogs ), defended the clubbing of baby seals in Canada and is for allowing American horses to be slaughtered for export meat has formed the phony organization  called “Humane Society for Shelter Pets”.   The purpose of “Humane Society for Shelter Pets” is  to turn local animal shelters against The Humane Society Of The United States ( HSUS ) by advocating that the money people donate to HSUS should go to local animal shelters instead.   Berman is doing this because he knows that local animal shelters do not threaten the corporate interests of his sponsors and that the activism of the HSUS does by going to the root of animal welfare problems in the United States.

This action by Berman would be similar to the actions of a man who wanted to keep a poor country poor.   Instead of funding soup kitchens, education and the creation of jobs,   such a person would make a phoney organization called “American For The Relief Of Poverty” and try to anger people into not supporting education and the creation of new jobs by claiming that such support would diminish the support for soup kitchens.   In reality,  supporting education and job creation would get rid of the poverty that would make soup kitchens necessary, while supporting only soup kitchens would keep a poor country poor.

Don’t be fooled.

You can find out more about this issue on the HSUS blog


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