Chris Rock – Why Veg?

Cool, short video by comedian Chris Rock why Americans should eat less meat

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7 thoughts on “Chris Rock – Why Veg?”

  1. It’s cool to see Chris Rock in on the veg message. But really, I would not mind if we permanently retired that “10% less meat” claim. The average American has no real concept of how much meat she eats, or what it would actually mean to reduce that amount by 10%. (Don’t we all know about a bazillion omnivores who say “I don’t eat that much meat” when the eat it all the damn time?) So probably a lot of people will say, “Hey, I eat 10% less meat than average. I’m doing my share.” At least, that was my reaction when I first heard that claim when I was in college – and I’m probably more numerically inclined than most people.

    Plus, it glosses over the fact that “freeing up” grain to feed 60 million people does not do anything to ensure that those people actually get that grain. So it gives people (at least, it gave me) the impression that eating less meat or no meat is all they need to do to end poverty/hunger.

  2. It does reduce pollution and it does reduce the demand for farm land in poor countries that is used to make meat to feed us, instead of feeding the people there.

    It isn’t an omni thing. It is time honored self improvement advice to write down concrete steps for achieving goals. It is too easy to forget about things and push them aside without defined plans.

    A better way to go is to come up with a easy to remember goals like:

    1. I will only eat meat on the weekends


    2. I will only eat meat at dinner

  3. I’m not saying that feeding less grain to livestock is not a good thing – I obviously agree with you that it is. What I am saying is that it is not enough. If the people who need the grain cannot afford to pay for it, then they will not get fed. Even if the reduction in demand drives down the price, if grain cannot be grown profitably for the price that the people who need it are willing and able to pay for it, then they will not get fed.

    This (plus the many, many non-food-related aspects of extreme poverty) is why it’s important for people in the rich world to donate to poverty relief organizations.

  4. So definitely not as a philosophical a comment… but the psychotic look on his face during this ad is priceless.

  5. Hi there,
    I stumbled upon your site looking for more info on vegetarian bodybuilding and was glad to see Chris Rock support eating more vegetables. Thanks for posting it!

    Bambi – Making a positive impact in the gay community. Make yours.

  6. Hi Bambi;

    Thanks for leaving your comments. It gives me a charge to know that people out there are reading what I post.

    As far as veg*n bodybuilding goes I have no advice to give that is particular to veg*ns other than:

    1. Read my “about vegan diets” link. Follow all of the nutrition advice in those publications.

    2. Follow the same protein and calorie intakes as regular bodybuilders

    3. Be skeptical of veg*n nutrition information online. A lot of people don’t know what they are talking about and are caught up in “food ideologies”. This is particularly true of raw foodism. If someone makes a nutrition claim disregard it if it is not backed up by citations to credible medical sources.

    Your best bet is to hang out in *conventional* bodybuilding forums, ignore their bias to veg*n diets and stay away from drugs. These places are puddles of misinformation, but veg*n forums tend to be cesspools of nutrition misinformation.

    You also might want to look up Robert Dos. He is a vegan strength training coach who gained a huge amount of size on a vegan diet

    Good Luck!

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