Dalip Singh Rana

The next time somebody tells you that they like the idea of a vegetarian diet but that they don’t think it could personally sustain them, tell that person about this guy:

“Hailing from India, the Great Khali stands at an impressive 7ft 3in [2.21m] and weighs 420 pounds. This enormous monster has walked the jungles of India unafraid of pythons and wrestled White Bengal tigers,” says the WWE website.


Rana says he is a vegetarian and abhors alcohol and tobacco. He says he lives a “simple life” with his homemaker wife Harminder Kaur .

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3 thoughts on “Dalip Singh Rana”

  1. Yeah, I read about him a few weeks ago. Super cool. I have mixed feelings though b/c WWE is pure stupid evil.

    That Jim Morris dude you posted about a few months ago I’d say is just as impressive as the Great Khali dude (when you take into account that Jim Morris is not suffering from gigantism….)


  2. Hey check out my post next week at HappyCow.com. I’m known as Englishteachinvegan and I wrote about this very subject. See you there!

    By the way, is it raining where you are?? We are SOAKED here! Anyone got a towel?? lol

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