Ex-Art Teacher at AR 2008

I was perusing the list of speakers at the FARM ( Farm Animal RIGHTS Movement ) Animal Rights Conference 2008 site.

I noticed that Dave Warwak, the art teacher who got fired for using his class to teach veganism will be speaking.

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8 thoughts on “Ex-Art Teacher at AR 2008”

  1. I agree he is nuts, but he puts his money where his mouth is. I can’t tell you how many key board jockey abolitionists I came across on web boards who do nothing but complain about what other people do, but will not do anything on their own.

    This guy is presumably unemployed. I had one professor tell me that his travel expenses wouldn’t make his trip to AR 2008 worth it, since it wouldn’t be as efficient as posting things on his web site.

  2. A suicide bomber also puts their money where their mouth is, but that doesn’t mean they should receive any sort of praise…

    This guy just helps the PeTA-created stereotype of vegans as crazy wackos who are out of touch with reality. There are much better ways of being active in what you believe in.

  3. What he did was counterproductive but you can learn something from everything. As misguided as he is, he has courage and enough depth of conviction to leave his comfort zone to do something. Those qualities, courage and strength of conviction are what many of the web board abolitionists lack. It isn’t about passing up a good potential audience for your ideas at AR 2008 to make the best use of your money. Warwak has no money. It is about not making up excuses for hiding in a corner while bad mouthing people who do things. Warwak is a nut who does not know how to conduct himself and he he should stop.

  4. Oh, I don’t intend not to go to AR 2008, I just wonder who was thinking it would be a good idea to invite him…

  5. I’m wondering what I could learn from him. If I were an art teacher, I’d ask kids to draw a picture of helping animals, and see what their creative minds come up with. That’s a kinder way of teaching goodwill and perhaps way more lasting.

    AR 08, I’ll be there!

  6. The lessons I took from him were not his inappropriate, ineffective, and harmful behavior. I took a lesson from *part* of his attitude. He went right out and did something unlike whining about the state of things, like many people do on the internet. He also inadvertently made people examine attitudes about when and where to bring things up.

    “If this isn’t wrong, if spreading this information is a good thing, then why NOT talk about it now?”

    When the “Warwak Thing” broke I was reading a forum where two professors and endless sycophants of theirs criticized everything everyone in the animal protection movement. Yet these men did next to NOTHING themselves. They came up with very logical, smooth rationales ( excuses ) the way only professors and other intellectuals could. My guess is the truth was that they did not have the courage or the strength of conviction to risk their egos by talking to people who may not agree with them. Though Warwak is a loose canon with no social sense……….to a damaging extent, I found his (misguided) spirit a breath of fresh air.

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